Willow Park Lakes

Our premier 22 acre day ticket fishery is a must whether you are looking for matches, carping or a peaceful days fishing. 

Stock Pond:

Our stock pond is the perfect size for beginners and young children to be taught, with plenty of fish to keep you entertained, our 0.6 Acre lake is adjacent to both our cafe, tackle shop & toilets.

Small Lake:

Our Small lake is 1.5 acre and approximately 4-5ft deep and holds 30 platforms. This lake is a premium mixed/match and pleasure fishing lake also well known for club bookings, and home to a decent head of Carp up to 17lb & packed Tench, Crucian, Bream, Roach and Perch.

Middle Lake:

Our middle lake is a 2 acre lake, approximately 4-5ft deep, comprising of 27 platforms with some double pegs for families to fish. This lake again holds a fantastic head of Carp up to 20lb+, also home to plenty of Bream, Tench, Roach and Perch. This lake is also well known for club bookings.

Big Lake:

Our 10 Acre lake is pegged with 30 bark chipped swims, Plenty of double pegged swims and a few triple pegs. This lake is home to a head of 4000+ with a few Carp over 30lb and a very good head of 20’s including 3 Floppy Tailed Commons around 28lb. It is also home to a lovely fully scaled mirror named The Princess at 26lb (please see photos), and a lovely head of back up fish between 15-20lb keeping our Fishermen happy.