Price List & Fishery Rules

Day Tickets

Price per person One rod Two rods
1 Adult £11.00 £16.00
Under 16’s £7.00 £13.00
Over 65’s £6.00 £11.00

(Mon-Fri except Bank Holidays)

Price per person One rod Two rods
Disabled User £6.00 £11.00

Non fishing guest – £2.00

Afternoon Tickets (Seasonal Times Apply)

Price per person One rod Two rods
1 Adult £6.50 £11.00
Under 16’s £5.00 £9.00

Big Lake Night Tickets

Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult! 3 Rod Tickets are available at management discretion when it will not interfere with other anglers.

24 Hours 2 Rods £25.00
48 Hours 2 Rods £50.00
72 Hours 2 Rods £70.00
96 Hours 2 Rods £90.00
1 Week 2 Rods £130.00
Extra 12 Hours £12.00
Non Fishing Guest £5.00

Fishery Rules

  • Dogs are allowed on site but must be kept on a lead at all times and any mess must be cleaned up fully and straight away.
  • All roadways to be kept clear for access
  • No cycling on the fishery
  • Please use toilets at reception and nowhere else
  • Barbless hooks only
  • 2 rod limit
  • No leaders of any kind allowed apart from spod and marker rods (these included leadcore, leadfree leaders, safezones and fluorocarbon)
  • No keepnets (except on matches supplied by fishery)
  • Minimum 4” hooklink
  • No floating baits (bait must be a minimum 12”below surface)
  • No bait boats
  • No floating poles
  • No dog or cat food
  • No fixed rigs, lead clips are fine as long as tail rubbers are not pushed on too tightly.
  • No tackle to be left unattended.
  • We no longer supply nets, mats or weigh slings for the Big Lake. You must now use your own which need to be shown when purchasing your ticket. They must be of adequate size and enough padding for 30lb plus fish. If staff deem it not adequate then you will be asked to hire one at a cost of £10.
  • All day ticket anglers on the stock pond, small, middle lake and Big Lake must be in possession of a net and unhooking mat. All equipment must be brought to reception so we can check they are DRY before issuing a ticket (currently need to be dipped).
  • Boilies can be used on the Big Lake (no limit) also can be used on Small & Middle Lakes (1kg limit)
  • Please handle the fish with care and return them to the water immediately
  • Do not hold the fish in towels, this causes damage to the fish
  • Do not stand whilst holding fish
  • Please respect the fish
  • You must be in possession of a valid E.A. rod licence before fishing
  • Under 18’s are allowed to fish the Big Lake overnight but MUST be accompanied by someone over the age of 18
  • Please dispose of all your rubbish in the bin at reception car park (ANYONE FOUND LITTERING WILL RECIEVE A LIFETIME BAN)
  • No one underage of 12 yrs can be on the complex, unless accompanied by an adult (18 +) at all times
  • 12 to 15 yrs have to be checked in at reception by an adult, leaving their contact details in case of any problems

BaitBOILIES: Small & Middle Lakes 1kg per session. Big Lake no limit.

  • Pellets
    • 4 bag limit in a day session,Small and Middle lakes only.
    • Only our own brand of pellets for feeding – these can only be purchased from Willow Park Shop
  • Hook Pellets
    • Any type of hook pellets may be used.(not as feed)
  • Sweetcorn
    • Only 1 can (285g) per session.
    • Please do not dispose of any remaining corn in the lake.
  • Luncheon Meat
    • Only 1 can (250g) may be used per session.
    • Any type of meat (ham, spam, flavoured, coloured etc) may be used.
  • Paste
    • Paste hook baits are permitted
  • Other baits
    • Maggots (including sticky maggots and dead), castors, worm, hemp, pepperami, sinking bread are allowed.
  • Bloodworm
    • Standard hooker pack only (on the hook only).
  • Joker
    • ½ kilo limit.
  • Groundbait
    • Middle & Small lakes – 1 kilo per match/day session or 2 kilo of leam.

Tackle Requirements

  • Barblesss hooks only.
  • No floating baits.
  • No floating poles.
  • No bait boats.
  • No spodding in matches.(Small & Middle Lakes)
  • No fixed rigs (lead clips are fine).
  • 12″ minimum hook length below float.
  • 4″ minimum hook length below feeder/method
  • No baited rods to be left in the water unattended.
  • Besides the above N.F.A. rules apply.