Price List & Fishery Rules

Day Tickets

Price per person One rod Two rods
1 Adult £11.00 £16.00
Under 16’s £7.00 £13.00
Over 65’s £6.00 £11.00

(Mon-Fri except Bank Holidays)

Price per person One rod Two rods
Disabled User £6.00 £11.00

Non fishing guest – £2.00

Afternoon Tickets (Seasonal Times Apply)

Price per person One rod Two rods
1 Adult £6.50 £11.00
Under 16’s £5.00 £9.00

Big Lake Night Tickets

Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult! 3 Rod Tickets are available at management discretion when it will not interfere with other anglers.

24 Hours 2 Rods £25.00
48 Hours 2 Rods £50.00
72 Hours 2 Rods £70.00
96 Hours 2 Rods £90.00
1 Week 2 Rods £120.00
Extra 12 Hours £12.00
Non Fishing Guest £5.00

Fishery Rules

  • Dogs are allowed on site but must be kept on a lead at all times and any mess must be cleaned up fully and straight away.
  • All roadways to be kept clear for access
  • No cycling on the fishery
  • Please use toilets at reception and nowhere else
  • Barbless hooks only
  • 2 rod limit
  • No keepnets (except on matches)
  • Minimum 4” hooklink
  • No floating baits (min 12”below surface)
  • No bait boats
  • No floating poles
  • No dog or cat food
  • No fixed rigs (must be free running)
  • No tackle to be left unattended
  • Nets, mats and slings for the big lake will be provided don not use your own.
  • All day ticket anglers on the stock pond, small or middle lake must be in possession of a net and unhooking mat all equipment must be brought to reception so we can check before issuing a ticket.
  • Boilies can be used on the Big Lake (no limit) also can be used on Small & Middle Lakes (500 grm limit)
  • Please handle the fish with care and return them to the water immediately
  • Do not hold the fish in towels, this causes damage to the fish
  • Please respect the fish
  • You must be in possession of a valid E.A. rod licence before fishing
  • Only over 18’s allowed on the fishery at night, this includes non fishing guests
  • Please dispose of all your rubbish in the bin at reception car park
  • No one underage of 12 yrs can be on the complex, unless accompanied by an adult (18 +) at all times
  • 12 to 15 yrs have to be checked in at reception by an adult, leaving their contact details in case of any problems
  • No one under 16 to fish Big Lake during the day unless accompanied by an adult (18+) at all times

BaitBOILIES: Small & Middle Lakes 500 grm per session. Big Lake no limit.

  • Pellets
    • 4 bag limit in a day session,Small and Middle lakes only.
    • Only our own brand of pellets for feeding – these can only be purchased from Willow Park Shop
  • Hook Pellets
    • Any type of hook pellets may be used.(not as feed)
  • Sweetcorn
    • Only 1 can (285g) per session.
    • Please do not dispose of any remaining corn in the lake.
  • Luncheon Meat
    • Only 1 can (250g) may be used per session.
    • Any type of meat (ham, spam, flavoured, coloured etc) may be used.
  • Paste
    • Paste hook baits are permitted
  • Other baits
    • Maggots (including sticky maggots and dead), castors, worm, hemp, pepperami, sinking bread are allowed.
  • Bloodworm
    • Standard hooker pack only (on the hook only).
  • Joker
    • ½ kilo limit.
  • Groundbait
    • Middle & Small lakes – 1 kilo per match/day session or 2 kilo of leam.

Tackle Requirements

  • Barblesss hooks only.
  • No floating baits.
  • No floating poles.
  • No bait boats.
  • No spodding in matches.(Small & Middle Lakes)
  • No fixed rigs (inc. patternoster).
  • 12″ minimum hook length below float.
  • 4″ minimum hook length below feeder/method
  • No baited rods to be left in the water unattended.
  • Besides the above N.F.A. rules apply.