Match Fishing

We hold open matches on the small and middle lakes on a regular basis with winning weights up to 100lb.Check out the calendar for forthcoming matches.

Clubs are welcome to book matches on any of our three main lakes.

ALL MATCHES ON ANY OF THE LAKES MUST USE NETS SUPPLIED. (landing net poles/handles or keep net arms are NOT supplied)

Match Fishing
Match Fishing

Tackle requirements

  • ALL ANGLERS PLEASE WEIGH IN AT THE END OF THE MATCH!! (This helps with our fishery management, so will only benefit you in the long term)
  • Barbless hooks only
  • FLOAT ONLY on the SMALL Lake (does not apply for club matches)
  • ANY METHOD on the MIDDLE Lake
  • No floating feeders/feeder floats
  • No floating baits
  • No tapping of poles on water or cupping of water.(Slapping and whipping allowed)
  • 12 inch minimum hook length below float ( 4 inch on Method Feeders)
  • No spodding
  • 50lb net limit (2 keep nets one for silver and one for carp including F1 and Crucians)
  • All nets must be dipped and laid out to dry on arrival at peg and then entered into the water 15mins prior to start of match
  • 16m pole max length. No floating poles
  • No feeding or cupping with a second pole
  • Running feeders/leads only
  • Method Feeders allowed free running only 4 inch minimum hook length
  • All anglers to fish half way between each other on Small and Middle (on middle lake feeder fishing/pellet waggler to be fished at anglers discretion)
  • Baits (only these baits are permitted)
  • Only Willow Park pellet to be used as free feed (3 bags per match)
  • Any hook pellet is permitted including boilies/pop ups/dumb bells
  • Maggot/Caster/Worm/Bread MUST BE SINKING
  • Sweet corn only one 300 gram can per match
  • Luncheon meat only one 250 gram can per match (ham, spam, flavoured/coloured meat may also be used) (cut to order, ask at shop)
  • Any paste hook baits may be used
  • Bloodworm standard hooker pack only
  • Joker ½ kilo limit
  • Boilies 500 gram limit
  • Ground bait must not contain any high oil pellets, nuts, seeds or pulses (1 kilo max on small and middle)
  • 2 kilos of Leam (on Small and Middle)
  • Tackle or bait MUST NOT be transferred between anglers or spectators during the match, on arrival at peg no assistance to be given in the assembling of tackle or making of rigs. All anglers fishing in matches at Willow Park are asked to respect all the rules and not to indulge in any unsporting conduct.


Match Fishing
Match Fishing