Carp Fishing

Carp Fishing

To keep our waters vibrant and diverse, we introduced a new stock of VS fish in 2015, injecting fresh energy into the lake’s ecosystem. This deliberate effort has cemented Willow Park Fishery’s reputation as a beloved destination for dedicated carpers and night anglers, providing year-round excitement and challenge.

Notably, November 2019 marked a significant milestone as we welcomed two robust 30lb carp to our already impressive collection. This addition has enhanced the allure of our fishery, offering anglers the chance to pursue these remarkable creatures at just the right time of year.

Home to a thriving community of over 400 common and mirror carp, with individuals weighing up to an impressive 32lb, you’ll find plenty of hefty 20 lb+ specimens gracefully patrolling the waters across this 10-acre lake.

The Big Lake’s depths range from 4 to 8ft, offering varied and enticing fishing conditions, including gravel bars that present thrilling opportunities. While anglers of all ages are welcome to join in the excitement, those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

At Willow Park Fishery, we prioritise your comfort and convenience. We’ve recently expanded our offerings with the introduction of 30 newly built bark-chipped swims. These swims not only provide a tranquil and picturesque backdrop for your fishing experience but are also designed to accommodate multiple bivies, making them ideal for social gatherings and angling camaraderie.

Furthermore, we’ve taken steps to enhance your angling safety by creating access points with steps in certain swims. These steps prove invaluable, particularly when water levels fluctuate, ensuring a secure and responsible approach to landing your prized catches while safeguarding both angler and fish.

Willow Park Fishery is your ultimate destination for carp fishing, offering an unparalleled blend of natural beauty, thriving fish populations, and angler-friendly amenities. Join us for a memorable fishing experience that promises adventure, camaraderie, and the chance to reel in your dream catch in a serene and welcoming environment.

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